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Safety is one of the most important aspects considered when designing and implementing construction projects.

Careful selection of materials to ensure the highest performance and technical parameters is the key to ensuring long-term and trouble-free use of the building. Fire-resistant boards are one of the most significant groups of building and finishing materials. They directly affect the safety of the occupants of the building, reducing the risk of fire significantly and limiting the effects and spread of fire. Pfleiderer's product range includes DecoBoard P2 Pyroex fire-resistant boards with reaction to fire class B-s1, d0* – non-flammable product. Fire-resistant boards are available in the Mood Stories collection and are designed for making furniture and built-ins in areas with special fire protection requirements.

Dekors U12001 and U12007 have a fire reaction class of C-s1, d0.


Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
2800 2100 18
SM | VV | MP | SD | NW | LN | RU | MO

Pyroex laminated fire-resistant board

Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
2800 2100 18
pyroex surowa

Pyroex raw fire-resistant board

Pyroex fire-resistant boards are the first-choice product for public facilities such as kindergartens, schools, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Pyroex fire-resistant boards are used as decorative wall boards, furniture build-ups, and furniture with increased reaction to fire requirements. Such boards are indispensable in the erection of public buildings: schools, kindergartens, office buildings, hotels, etc.

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For fire-resistant products, the most important thing is the best possible reaction to fire class, full product documentation (e.g. Fire reaction rating report). By choosing Pyroex fire-resistant board, you are guaranteed to get the investor's approval to commission the building. A safe construction project is the safety of life and health of its users. Its interiors should be safe, which is ensured by properly selected materials. Also important is the aesthetic aspect, giving the interior the right character.
Enhanced fire resistance is achieved with special flame retardant additives evenly distributed throughout the board.


Pyroex fire-resistant board is available in all decors from the Mood Stories collection. This ensures full complementarity with our other products, which will be used as equipment for public facilities.

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The surface of Pyroex fire-resistant boards can be cleaned with water and mild cleaning agents. Absolutely avoid the use of scouring agents, rags or abrasive sponges. Commercially available cleaners designed for plastic surfaces can be used to remove stubborn dirt from the surface of Pyroex fireproof boards. Before using the cleaner for the first time, we recommend testing it on an invisible area of the product.

The rules of processing Pyroex fireproof boards are no different than those applicable to standard furniture boards.


  • Machining with carbide blades on standard woodworking machines.
  • Additives that slow down the development of fire and dyes contained in the carrier material can form deposits on tools and thus reduce their durability. In exceptional cases, negative effect on adhesion of adhesives is possible.

Edge treatment

  • EVA and PUR hot melt adhesives are recommended for edge bonding.

Installation and assembly

  • Before machining and assembly, appropriate conditioning is required. In the rooms themselves, conditions corresponding to those of subsequent use must be provided.
  • Always pay attention to correct processing and installation in accordance with the state-of-the-art technology.
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Storage, treatment and transport

  • On flat, full-surface bases (e.g. pallets), in dry, well-ventilated rooms protected from moisture. Outdoor warehouses and so-called shelters are not suitable for this purpose.
  • It should be remembered that improper storage, regardless of its duration, may cause irreversible warping of the boards.
  • Foreign bodies and frictional contaminants in stacks of boards can cause dents and surface damage.
  • When transporting stacks of boards, use sufficiently large, stable sleepers, such as pallets. Boards in a stack must be secured against slipping
  • Do not push the boards together or overlap them; lift them individually, by hand or with suction cups.
  • Protect from the effects of humidity and moisture.

Health and safety and health protection

  • Use the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) required for each job.