Are Durable, Moisture Resistant And Flame Resistant

PremiumBoard MFP P5 has a wide range of applications at every stage of construction. It is made up of long panels, thin shavings arranged in different directions, which gives it high durability. It is resistant to moisture and is a flame-retardant product. Technological innovation, competitive price, excellent quality and parameters appreciated by professionals and investors.

Area of applications

mfp® Construction Boards

Unique parameters.

  • intended for structural elements in damp environments
  • floor and ceiling coverings
  • wall cladding
  • roof lining
  • packaging
  • etc.


  • Exceptionally robust
  • Non-flammable
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Vapor-permeable
  • Thermally insulating
  • Sound-proof
  • Ecological


  • Vapor-permeable

    The wood-based mfp® construction board is a universal element used for erecting all types of partitions. It is recommended by professionals constructing timber frame and traditional structures. Thanks to its high vapor diffusivity, the mfp® construction board allows to erect building elements without the risk of condensation in the partition’s insulation layer.

    Water vapor diffusion coefficient
    μ = 15 (damp conditions) /50 (dry conditions)
    Diffusion resistance of a 12 mm mfp® construction board
    sd = 0,18 m
    (damp conditions) /0,6m (dry conditions)

  • Thermally insulating

    The wood-based mfp® construction board offers superb thermal insulation properties and is recommended by professionals for warm floors, walls and ceilings. Due to its high density, a 12 mm mfp® construction board is a better thermal insulator than an 11.4 cm thick brick. This means that the mfp® boards reduce your heating bills.

    Thermal resistance coefficient λ = 0,12 (W/m · k)

  • Sound-proof

    The wood-based mfp® construction board offers great sound-proofing properties and is recommended by professionals for quiet floors walls and ceilings. Due to its high density, a 12 mm mfp® construction board is a better sound insulator than an 11.4 cm brick.

    Air sound insulation coefficient of a 12 mm board R=26dB

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  • Robust

    The board is made of long, thin wood chips arranged in different directions. Such a design means the board is highly robust. It is capable of withstanding high loads that wall, floor and roof finishing materials are exposed to. The board is equally resistant to loads applied in any direction.

      Benchmarked against the OSB/3 standard, the mfp board offers:
    • 150% higher rigidity
    • 122% more bending strength
    • 33% more moisture resistance
    • 100% more secure attachment point for bolts, screws, etc.
    • 19% higher density and smoothness
  • Moisture-resistant

    The board offers improved water-resistance properties. Thanks to its unique structure, the mfp® construction board is much more resistant to moisture, meaning it is suitable for use in rooms exposed to 85% of relative humidity over a period of several weeks per year.

    • once dried, the board regains its original parameters and is fully suitable for further use
    • may be used in bathrooms and minimizes the risk of mold and fungi being present
  • Non-flammable

    Thanks to its modern manufacturing methods, this construction material meets the strictest fire-resistance parameters. Increased fire resistance is one of the key advantages of the mfp®. construction board

    • the mfp® board is non-flammable due to its increased density and melamine content (an advantage compared to the flammable OSB/3 board).)
    • reaction-to-fire classification (floors): C fl-s1
  • Ecological

    • wood used to manufacture mfp® boards is sourced from sustainable sources, as confirmed by the prestigious FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certificate awarded to Pfleiderer
    • recycled wood, sawdust and wood chips are used in the manufacturing process as well
    • the use of recycled materials minimizes CO2 emissions and reduces the amount of waste generated
    • no toxic isocyanates, relied upon in the production of OSB, are used while manufacturing mfp®
    • production of mfp® boards complies with all applicable environmental standards
    • limited fraying of the edges